MLD 40


Much more than average weather

Climate defines and describes ideas and experiences of human relations with/in nature, and therefore shapes ways of acting on/with the Earth and other non-human forces.

When thinking about climate, one also needs to think in relation to time. Emergency is just one way of thinking about the current time of climate, which encompasses a certain understanding of past, present, future, and their interrelation. An emergency suggests that we need immediate solutions, which will take us to a time beyond ecological, social, and economic crises.

These crises are challenging such linear and teleological forms of thinking, demanding new approaches. Can we do away with the present as a fixed point from which the future follows? And is it possible to think and act with climate in other ways? And what might this mean to architecture and the current project of solutions?

by Anthony Powis for MOULD

This pamphlet is offered as a provisional statement on the topic. We welcome any comments which might help develop the ideas and argument.

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