Category: Visualising

  • MLD 037 Architecture is Climate

    Sarah Bovelett for MOULD, “Architecture is Climate,” 2023.  Architecture is Climate Architecture is—acid mine drainage, acrylic, air pollution, aluminum, arsenic trioxide dust, basalt, bauxite, Bayer process, biodiversity loss, black sand mining, blasting, bond-aid for plastering, butadiene, calcite, calcium oxide, capital, carbon, caustic soda, cedar wood, chromium, clay, clearances, coal, coastal, cobalt, concrete floor hardeners, copper, copper concentrates,…

  • MLD051 Doughnut Economics

    Visualisation of Kate Raworth’ Doughnut Economics Concept as poster inlay for the Mould022 zine, by Sarah Bovelett for MOULD. We need an economy capable of meeting the human rights of every person within the means of our life-giving planet. – Kate Raworth, Doughnut Economics

  • MLD 006-009

    COP26 Posters