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  • MLD 036 – Jeremy Podcast with Vikram Prakash

    Jeremy talks to Vikram Prakash about the project Architecture after Architecture, summarising the state of the research at December 2022. Some great questions. Link to it here.

  • MLD 035

    Climate Conversation with Jan Körbes On a hot sunny day, Christina Serifi and Julius Grambow are walking around ZK/U site in Moabit Berlin, following Jan Körbes into a conversation about materials, repurposing and reusing methodologies, his practice with Refunc and his life in Silo House. Jan Körbes together with Denis Oudendijk have founded their practice…

  • Acts of Extraction

    A King’s Cross Walking Tour in Ten Acts  with MOULD members, Anthony Powis, Jeremy Till, and Becca Voelcker. for London Festival of Architecture 11th June, 2022 How is architecture fundamentally linked to acts of extraction? What forms of extraction can we observe in the built environment today? In this event, we will take you on…

  • MLD 034

    Climate Conversation with Emilio Luque

  • MLD 033

    Climate Conversation with François Bao Sitting together around the table at GTAS in Braunschweig, Tatjana and Christina engage in a fast-paced conversation with François Bao. What are the similarities of mould to capitalism? Why would architecture after architecture look at mould in the first place? And what would it mean for spatial practitioners to reconsider…

  • MLD 032

    Climate conversation with Yasmine Ostendorf In this recorded conversation Christina Serifi is talking with Yasmine Ostendorf, founder of the Green Art Lab Alliance, a network of art organisations contributing to environmental sustainability. Starting from understanding mycelium as a metaphor for a working methodology, Yasmine expands on symbiosis and networks as part of her recent research and…

  • MLD 031

    Climate conversation with Soft Agency  In this recorded conversation Christina is talking with Gilly Karjevsky and Rosario Talevi, two founding members of ‘Soft Agency’, a diasporic group of female architects. The discussion about climate, caring, and future practices took place around the Floating University site where Gilly and Rosario were curating the second edition of…

  • Histories of the Future: Filming Climates in Crisis

    Idea for a radio programme Becca Voelcker / with thanks to MOULD, University of the Arts London, BBC Radio, and AHRC New Generation Thinkers 2022

  • MLD 16

    Research after Research Talk In this lecture, Jeremy applied some of the ideas from the main research project to issues around architectural and academic research. He argues that the emergency destabilises the tenets and methods of the modern project, and that academic research as we know is based on these modern conditions and norms. So…

  • MLD 11

    Care and Architecture Podcast