Architecture Foundation TalkMLD 004.2020Talking
Introductory PodcastMLD 106.2021Talking
Initiating WorkshopMLD 206.2021Noting
Premises of Future ArchitecturesMLD 307.2021Talking
PLAT Journal InterviewMLD 52021Writing
COP26 PostersMLD 6-911.2021Visualising
Care Pamphlet and AudioMLD 1005.2022Writing/ Talking
Care and Architecture PodcastMLD 1111.2021Talking

Radically-Open Participatory Practice
MLD 1411.2021Talking
Rapid ResponseMLD RRongoingWriting
Notes on EconomicsMLD 1511.2021Noting
Notes on FuturesMLD 1601.2022Noting
Extraction PamphletMLD 2002.2022Writing
Zine GTASMLD 2102.2022Writing
Futures PamphletMLD 3002.2022Writing
Climate PamphletMLD 4002.2022Writing
Histories of the Future: Filming Climates in Crisis

Acts of Extraction Walking Tour

Doughnut Economics PosterMLD 5105.2022Visualising